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The Larchers: 3 generations, one family

From a farmhouse with village shop and small room rental to a 4 star hotel. We have been at home in the Kirchenwirt for generations. Today it is my Simone together with our three children Adele, Eugen jun. and Veit, my father Eugen Larcher and me – Martin Larcher. The other Larchers – we are one big family – always enjoy visiting us and helping out around the hotel. Together we are continuing what my parents, Rosa and Eugen Larcher, have built up. A place of hospitality.

Chronicle of hospitality


Mountain guide and farmer Eduard Larcher marries Rosa (née Zangerle) The couple takes over Rosa's parental farm in the village of Feichten across from the church and runs a small village shop as well as an agricultural business and accommodates the first summer guests. Eduard continues to guide summer guests to the most beautiful peaks of the Alps until he reaches the grand old age of 76.


21.11.1938: Eugen Larcher is born as the 5th of 10 children.


Now an adult, Eugen Larcher operates the 1st ski lift in the Kaunertal on the Erspenhang. To this day many children still learn their first turns in the snow here. The Larchers now also sell and rent skis in their very own store.


Eugen Larcher marries his Rosa (née Hafele) 5 children enhance the many years they spend together: Birgit, Rosmarie, Martin, Bernadette and Kurt.


Pension Larcher grows to 30 guest beds. Eugen Larcher has now been mayor of the Kaunertal Municipality for one year and will remain so for another 35 years.


The Larcher family opens their first self-service restaurant on the site where the Kiwi Restaurant is located today, in keeping with the spirit of the fast-paced 70s.


The Kaunertal Glacier ski resort is opened ceremoniously. Eugen Larcher's vision has become reality. Thanks to his foresight and pioneering spirit, he was able to lead the way in the implementation, always supported by loyal companions. He will continue to run the Gletscherbahn railway operation with great passion until 2019.


Pension Larcher - at this time called Kirchenwirt for the first time - offers room for 60 guests following further renovations. The restaurant operations will also be expanded.


A new dining room, furnished entirely in local Swiss stone pine, gives the Kirchenwirt's culinary delights a new lease of life. The fact that guests still feel at home in this room shows that the quality is consistent. 


The Kirchenwirt is once again being enthusiastically renovated. The number of beds grows to 100. The premises become even more spacious and underground parking spaces are constructed. The "Kiwi" also opens this year. Meanwhile, the eldest son Martin joins his parents' business.


Now under the management of Kurt Larcher, the youngest member of the family, the small shop has been transformed into a contemporary sports and fashion outlet. Kurt opens a new premises not far from the Kirchwirt and also runs a branch directly on the Kaunertal Glacier.


The Larcher Lounge and a multimedia room in the area of the former sports shop will be installed in the hotel.


Martin Larcher takes over his parents' business and continues their life's work together with his wife Simone full of joy and commitment.


A modern ski room and a children's playroom will be built in the basement of the hotel. Moreover, the existing lift will be replaced by a 9-person lift that will take guests up to the top floor.


The Kirchenwirt will be expanded yet again and in some areas completely redesigned. The entire top floor will be reconstructed. Spacious dormers create space for cosy rooms furnished in Swiss stone pine with balcony and impressive panoramic views of the Kauner Valley mountain landscape – as well as over the roofs of Feichten.

The 30+ rooms are pleasantly and comfortably furnished with domestic woods to ensure the best possible quality of living. The stairwell has now been redesigned so that guests can move around all floors without barriers.

It was during this time that Martin eagerly learned to play the accordion, the sounds of which he often and gladly delights guests with today.

 Despite all the many changes and expansions over the past decades, the fundamental philosophy of the Kirchenwirt family has always remained the same: To be good hosts and to be attentive, to remain content, and to keep our feet on the ground at all times.


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